Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Community Development Conference

PKDG's year is off to a great start. Our 2007 Community Development Conference has set the tone for a year which is sure to be very eventful. We'd like to thank all of our recent conference attendees for their contributions and commitment.

Dr. Anthony Monteiro, our guest speaker, was excellent in his delivery and set the pace for the conference. "Education, technology, institutions, and production & manufacturing are key factors in our ability to even play the game," Monteiro said. He went on to point out that there is a $73 million deficit in public schools, we're competing for places in the universities, and that poverty is an inter-generational malady. Considering this, "the dollar economy must be reevaluated and there must be a narrowing down of focus. A certain internalization is necessary to determine how to deal with or alter the society at large," says Monteiro. He advises we ween ourselves off of capitalism or at least increase our level of responsibility.

Paul DeCosta's enthusiasm held every one's attention. He emphasized the need for science and math with new applications. "Biology and engineering is a burgeoning field, with science imitating life and producing a new era of technology. Similarly, science should be approached from a philosophical standpoint to yield fresh insights." He holds that the reason why philosophical science and herbalism are ignored for instance is due to the manipulations of insurance companies, so called health professionals, and an industry that's more concerned with profits than the well being of society.

Aleta Finney gave a thorough presentation on environmental responsibility, eloquently breaking down the side effects of radon and the importance of composting. "People usually have an out of sight out of mind mentality when it comes to getting rid of our refuse." Computers for example contain heavy metals and other toxic elements which are carcinogenic. When we throw them away they often end up in landfills and their chemicals seep into the soil and into ground water. This can cause all types of health related issues for both humans and wildlife.

Last but not least, we can't forget PKDG's event coordinator (a.k.a. Bo Inc.) for her outstanding presentation of the cuisine and for the ambiance and decor.

For more information on the conference see our Community Development department. Session II will take place in June, check back for more details.