Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Socializing

This month started off slow but it's going out with a bang... PKDG was on the move as we attended several events. Our first stop was the Nation of African People's Unity (NAPU) Kwanzaa Event. Much love to Brother Ahmed and Brother Ba for consistently holding down the Afrakan holiday tradition. See you next summer for African Independence Day.

Our next stop was to the Ijoba Shule. This independent, Afrakan centered institution houses one of the best educational programs for ReAfrakanization. We were invited by Iya Omowunmi Ogundaisi for their 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Presentation. The children demonstrated their thorough understanding of the semester's lessons with creativity and poise. If you're looking for a school to send your children that guarantees a quality, Afrakan education look them up and tell them PKDG sent you.

Our final destination took us to the home of Simply Netfah fashion designer, Netfah Amina-Afia. Good food, good company and good vibes made for a warm and intimate Kwanzaa celebration. Things got a little heated though when Brother Baja (Apotheosis graphic artist) pulled out the Scrabble board and declared war. A pity his martial skills were not quite up to the task :( However, he is within his right to call for a rematch :)

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