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"Soldiers Speak Out"

Five-minute trailer for the "Soldiers Speak Out" documentary. A powerful first-hand testament to the reality of the military experience, told in the words of Americaan veterans who have been to war and now oppose it. An important counterpoint to the "stay the course" rhetoric of the Bush administration.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

9-Year-Old Nigerian Becomes World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Nigeria has come on the global scene in the information communication technology sector, as 9-year-old Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo joined the community of achievers when he became one of the world’s youngest 2013 certified Microsoft Office specialists for Office Word 2010. Jomiloju, a primary 6 pupil of Role Model School, owned by DayStar Christian Centre, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos, broke the record created in 2012 by 10-year-old JSS1 student, Seyi-Ojo Anjolaoluwa, who was adjudged the youngest Nigerian and one of the youngest people in the world to have become a Microsoft certified professional. 

Jomiloju took the July 2013 examination while in primary 5, after passing all the preparatory stages leading to the final examinations following intense teachings in school and trainings he received from United Global Resources Ltd, an accredited ICT training firm.

Odion Oyakhire, the center manager in charge of the school noted that his firm, “encourages pupils to learn ICT and get certified.” Oyakhire explained that his firm coordinates the certification examinations for several schools and was proud to associate with Jomiloju and Role Model School on this feat. He said that the certification examination is an online, real-time test.

Before setting this new record in Nigeria for the certification examination, Jomiloju led his school to glory in June 2013, when they won an ICT quiz competition with 15 participating school in Lagos. The competition was put together by United Global Resources. The examination report showed Jomiloju scored 769 points, 69 points higher than the required 700 to be recognized as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

Source: Nigeria Tribune via

Visit the PKDG Science and Technology Initiative to read more on innovations across the Afrakan Diaspora.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Avengers, New Black Panther, New Black Power???

New Avengers #11 was good, very good in fact. As usual it was multifaceted but delivered on the primary purpose behind my reading the book, the Black Panther. This issue was a page turner for me. Hickman and Deodato are producing a well written and illustrated comic, no doubt. Hickman has been successful in giving characters like the Black Panther and Black Bolt along with their supporting cast an impacting and long ranging presence in the pages of New Avengers and Infinity.

Thanos's armies attack Wakanda's the Golden City. I love the reference Golden City to what I assume is Central Wakanda. Shuri and the Hatut Zaraze go full on against Proxima Midnight and her battalion at the wall protecting the city. They loose. PET PEEVE: Shuri only having a spear is ridiculous as Proxima Midnight points out. I will stand firm on the fact that Shuri should be the "armored" Panther. Technically speaking she and Tchalla both should wear armor during major fights and especially during war. Despite this Shuri is well represented.

I really appreciate the Hatut Zaraze's new look. I like how the Hatut Zaraze are getting a voice and are distinguished from other Wakandan soldiers. PET PEEVE: I didn't find it necessary for them to have to motivate a fallen Wakandan trooper. Wakanda is a warrior society no less. PET PEEVE: On the same note they don't have to be seen yelling "protect the queen!" With the exception of Tchalla, Shuri should be the most capable warrior in Wakanda. PET PEEVE: Finally I don't think a captured Hatut Zaraze would divulge information to the enemy so easily (unless he was setting them up for trap). These scenes could have bee written differently.

PET PEEVE: No defenses for the Necrpolis? Thanos and his people just casually stroll in. Walk into the unprotected facility that houses all the antimatter bombs constructed by Tchalla and Reed. PET PEEVE: To add insult to injury while war wages in the Golden City and the Necropolis is invaded, Tchalla the Black Panther seems totally unaware of these occurrences. There should have been some communication between Tchalla and Shuri to say the least. Again maybe it's all part of some master strategy that will unfold in upcoming issues.

The space adventure with the Aleph was well done. Hickman has a good grasp of the pertinent aspects of sci-fi needed to infuse into a superhero comic. Coupled with Deodato's art I find myself wanting for more. More Wakanda city scapes, more Wakandan battleships, more Wakandan tech and more Black Panther story.

Correcting the Sin and the Fear, a few technical missteps and some pet peeves; I can see Hickman writing a solo Black Panther with ease. New Avengers #11 was essentially a Black Panther comic as was the premiere issue. I believe Hickman has a successful format for writing a BP ongoing. The Black Panther displaying his genius and martial expertise, lots of sci-fi, a touch of mysticism, Wakanda front and center, BP supporting cast playing a pivotal role in events unfolding and plenty of guest stars. Hickman demonstrates Tchalla's prowess during a cosmic level event thus eliminating the false premise that the Black Panther is only a "street level" superhero.

I am looking forward to: Tchalla the Black Panther confronting Thanos with something off the chain and actually killing Namor; Wakanda's war machine in full effect (including warships , tanks, planes, etc...) successfully rallying and defeating of Thanos' invading armies and last but not least Shuri fighting and killing Proxima Midnight.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Namibia: Polikem On the Way to Becoming Fashion Powerhouse

This year's Big Brother Africa reality show may just prove to be the most successful to date if one looks at former housemates who are making it big after participating in the show. 'The Chase' has seen housemates like Zambian Sulu Banda receiving continental success with his hit song 'Ruby'.

Namibia's Maria Nepembe bagged a lucrative TV presenter gig in Ghana, while winner Dillish Mathews was named ambassador for GoTV. Musicians Cleo 'Ice Queen' and Feza Kessy are making big strides in their careers.Clearly, the platform offered by BBA is one that can propel participants to greater heights.

Another pair of ex-housemates using the BBA experience to maximum advantage are Pokello Nare from Zimbabwe and Ghana's Elikem Kumordzi. The two, who are also romantically involved, have partnered to sell and market Elikem's tailored masterpieces. The line, aptly called 'Tailored By Elikem,' is now available in Pokello's boutique, Pokello's Addicted to Shoes shop in Zimbabwe. The two also recently launched a joint fashion brand called 'Queen of Swag' and plans are underway to open a Pokello's Addicted To Shoes boutique in Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with The Namibian, Pokello revealed that the response towards their new ventures has been overwhelming. "The response is overwhelming with demand surpassing supply and distribution capacity at the moment. We have orders coming in from as far as Australia, America, United Kingdom, and Thailand," she said.

Even though it's still a new brand, Tailored By Elikem is an exclusive brand made with great attention to detail. With Africa as the inspiration, the garments have a West African feel and are adorned with hand-beading and embroidery, the key elements used in making them. "We have also incorporated Elikem's signature of the tape measure into the dresses as our conspicuous identification," said Pokello.

On the pressures of working as a couple, Pokello said it's not that difficult because of their mutual respect for each other. "When you share a vision, it doesn't feel like you have to balance romance and business. Our relationship is based on understanding and respect. Therefore, we treasure each other's ideas and improve on them. Romance is a part of our every communication whether business or pleasure," she said.

The pair also hinted at wedding bells possibly ringing soon. "All we can say is watch this space and there will be several garments worn at that occasion," they said. Namibian fans of the two are in for a treat as they have received an invitation to visit and will be making their way to Namibia in December.

The pair also have ambitious plans to make sure that their clothing lines will be available in most African countries within the next six months.

Article courtesy of  THE NAMIBIAN - ENTERTAINMENT - BIG BROTHER AFRICA | 2013-10-14

New Avengers, New Black Panther, New Black Power???

The Black Panther's rogues gallery needs more consistency and updating.

N'Jadaka the Killmonger,  mayor of one of the most advance cities (named after him) in the Wakandas second only to Central Wakanda. This is the only Wakandan city that mirrors Western cities like New York or Paris. A genius level intellect and strategist, independently wealthy and the first to be exposed to those "hellish rays" emanating from Resurrection Altar; imbuing him with incredible strength, hard skin and increased healing. Think Luke Cage.

M'Baku aka Silverback, high priest of the White Simian cult and leader of the Jabari community located in the Crystal Forrest region of Wakanda. The men and women of the Jabari grow larger than any other Wakandans (think Doc Samson and She Hulk). They choose not to use Wakanda's advanced technology and have developed and mastered alternative methods (think of them as the Amish of Wakanda). Through mystical means and by ingesting the flesh of the sacred white gorilla M'Baku has gained superhuman strength.

Klaw the master of sound, looks like ordinary human, no claw hand or costume (think RH version). Emits vocal energy like Black Bolt or Black Canary and can vibrate like the Flash. He fly at the speed of sound, move very fast in combat and can hear anything. He can manipulate sound waves to create various effects.

President Zanda - elected president of the advanced Afrakan nation of Narobia. A gifted scientist and a genius financier, she is the founder of Zanda World Net a corporate entity that is redefining agribusiness in Afraka. She views Wakandan Design Group as her primary competition and will stop at nothing to destroy it.

Solomon Prey the Gargoyle a scientist who worked with Tchalla on creating Nu Ta ShuWakanda's first modern floating city. inspired by the research he conducted on the ancient floating citie of Wakanda and its winged citizenry, Solomon had himself surgically altered to become the modern day image of those ancient people. Solomon posses wings, steel hard talons and super human strength. When he attempted to force others to undergo similar transformation he and the Black Panther became enemies.

The Supremacist a group of Azanian male and female elite super soldiers that embody the ideology of apartheid governance for the whole of Afraka (think Black Panther versus Call of Duty).

The Mutates - Since there are no mutants in Wakanda (in my fiction Wakanda is the only place on Earth were mutants did not emerge. This is due in large part to their environmental laws and lack of exposure to varying types of radiation) Killmonger decided to make his own. Resurrection Alter boarders on disputed land between Central Wakanda and N'Jadaka city. Killmonger and his scientist engaged in human experimentation and found the "rays"have an individualizing effect similar to the Terrigen Mist. He found that most of those he exposed died, but he was able to salvage...

- Sombre - who can transform into a gaseous state that ranges from a unconscious rendering vapor to a highly corrosive acidic mist.

- King Cadaver - who became endowed with telekinesis and telepathy

- Baron Macabre who became capable of reanimating the dead as zombies. He can also generate a bio-electric field and projectiles.

- Salamander K'Ruel - who gained mental control over all reptiles. Her skin also bristles with thorn like needles. (I changed the gender of this rogue)

- Malice - gained superhuman mental faculties, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and superhuman agility to further enhance her already well trained mind and body.

I could go on but I feel I contributed enough ideas to demonstrate how easy it would be to utilize and update the Black Panther's rogues gallery. To me it all points back to the Sin and the Fear

I would be remiss if I did not mention the following... Achebe the Joker, Madame Slay the Cat woman and Nakia as Talia. I couldn't resist.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Avengers, New Black Panther, New Black Power???

While Hickman's New Avengers is an entertaining read, his new Black Panther still suffers The Sin and the Fear. The Sin is there yet remains consistency in the necessary signatures that define the Black Panther. The Fear is those signatures have to be centered in and around an Afrakan and his culturally independent nation.

For characters to be and remain impactful they require defining traits (origin, abilities, powers, weapons, ideologies, sigils, tools, responsibilities, supporting characters, base of operation, etc...) to establish and maintain their uniqueness and identity. These signatures are immutable but adaptive to the zeitgeist of the real world. In addition to signatures characters need epic tales that invoke their Raison d'ĂȘtre.

Hickman is credited for introducing some new powers, abilities, tech and responsibilities to the Black Panther, yet their presence has not been seen or expanded on since Fantastic Four #s 607 & 608 and the first issue of New Avengers.

This is most evident in New Avenges #9 in which the battle between the Black Panther and the Black Dwarf occurs off panel. Comic books are about show and tell and that is predicated on consistency. This is how signatures remain permanent.

The Sin first reared it's ugly head soon after the Black Panther's introduction in FF # 52. Writers such as Roy Thomas, Larry Lieber, Gerry Conway, Don McGregor and even Jack Kirby himself ignored the defining traits inherent in the first appearance of the Black Panther.

This syndrome became virulent again post Priest as it was Priest who properly inoculated Tchalla during his run. Priest afforded the Black Panther a proper voice, mannerism, personal weaponry and equipment (based on a singularity inherent only to the character, that being vibranium), supporting characters and positioned Wakanda as a world power. In other words Priest endowed the Panther with all the signatures necessary.

Black Panther's next writer Hudlin ignored or only slightly touched on the signatures of Priest; instead choosing to focus on Afrakan (African American, so called blacks) political, historical and cultural indexes.

Hudlin also gave the Panther his most epic event, the marriage to Storm of the X Men. The first Sin committed by Hudlin was his having the Black Panther walk into an obvious trap and confront Dr.Doom without any offensive or defensive capabilities. The glaring contradiction is that Hudlin created some new signatures (i.e. the light armor first used against none other than Dr.Doom himself).Hudlin's second Sin was taking the mantle, the very title of Black Panther and the kingship of Wakanda away from Tchalla. The removal of these most vital of signatures were to have long felt consequences.

While I have had very little to say that was positive about Maberry's tenure as writer of the Black Panther as he too ignored the signatures of Priest; Maberry is to be given points for creating some interestingly potential signatures. Perhaps more contrivance for a single story than intended signatures the Nowhere Room, Shadow Physics, a new martial art that never uses the same move twice, the Caves of Basts, the Midnight Angels and Shuri's armor had potential. The ignored possibilities of these signatures is truly tragic. The armor as a mainstay for example would have helped distinguish Shuri physically and psychologically from Tchalla.

The Fear is first intoned in the very name Black Panther. For some it still conjures images of Afrakans (so called black) men and women who were intelligent, politically astute, organized and armed; engaged in warfare against the white world and its way of being.

The Fear is expressed in writing an Afrakan nation that is anything more than a primitively impoverished savage land, who's better days were under European colonial rule and enslavement. A cursory examination of Astonishing Tales: #s 6, 7 and Jungle Action #s 6 -18 clearly illustrates my point.

The Fear manifests as a belief that Afrakan people are nothing more than a minority incapable of managing their own affairs. The Fear also manifests as a deep rooted lack of appreciation for the inherent aesthetics and cultural nuances that earmark the Afrakan.

Ironically enough it was during the Priest era that the question Who Can Be The Black Panther? first came into being with his introduction of Casper Cole. The concept that the Black Panther could be someone other than Tchalla removes the most essential signature of all. The Fear was present in the fact that Casper Cole had to be bi-racial and be entrenched in an urban soap opera.

Priest is also responsible for creating the all so necessary prerequisite white characters (Nikki the white girlfriend, Hunter the white brother and Ross the omniscient white narrator) to assuage the Fear that white readers won't be interested in a book sans any white characters. A consideration not afforded to so called blacks for decades. So called blacks have been fans of white superheroes decades before tokenism, civil rights or minority representation came into effect. One didn't need so called black characters for so called black people to identify with white characters.

The next Fear was addressed under the pen of of writer David Liss, who arguably did more with less than many other Black Panther writers. This Fear revolved around the concept that the Black Panther was somehow too powerful. So to allay this particular Fear Tchalla was written as no longer being connected to the Panther spirit, stripped of his title as king, could no longer use the name Black Panther, no longer had access to the vast resources of his country, Wakanda and finally...had very limited contact with his wife.

I've no patience for cowardice masquerading as doing something new or different with the character. I am tired of seeing signaturesignored or forfeited. I do not wish to witness Hickman's Black Panther going into battle the same as McGregor's, Kirby's or Thomas' did. The concepts and ideas postulated by Hickman are pertinent enough to carry solo title, not to mention the art work by Epting and Deodato. Ever the optimist I remain grounded in the realization of the remoteness of a solo headed by such a creative team.

The Black Panther is over forty years old. The The Sin and the Fear curtails his ability to cross over into merchandising, video games and movies. His contemporaries Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man and X-Men all have their signatures. The fact that Black Panther is sometimes seen as a Batman knock-off speaks volumes. If the primary writers and editors of the Black Panther do not agree on the signatures what chance does the character have of true growth and expansion?

Friday, October 11, 2013

We Mourn the Passing of Dr. Lomax

Dr. Lomax was our family physcian for three generations. He took care of my grandparents, mother and myself. Our going to his office on 18th and Wharton and being reassured was more family oriented than doctor/patient in terms of relationship. His staff was always courteous and we had the pleasure of meeting fellow doctor George Hayes. Dr Lomax did it all. He was a great asset to the Afrakan community in Philadelphia and will be missed.

Below is an article from By Bonnie L. Cook, Inquirer Staff Writer that expands on what I was saying.

Walter P. Lomax Jr., 81, of Hilltown, a prominent physician, entrepreneur, and leader in Philadelphia's black community and beyond, died Thursday, Oct. 10, of complications from a stroke at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

The announcement came from his daughter Sara Lomax-Reese, president and general manager of WURD Radio, which Dr. Lomax purchased in 1993 to give an ongoing voice to black living history and culture.
"It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Dr. Walter Lomax," the statement said. "A loving husband and father, he transitioned this morning at 8:30 a.m. after a brief but debilitating illness."

Thursday night's event at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, which was to have marked the 10th anniversary of the radio station, was quickly refocused to honor Dr. Lomax.
"The timing of Dr. Lomax's passing on the 10-year anniversary of 900-AM WURD, the voice of the black community in Philadelphia, is particularly tragic," City Council President Darrell L. Clarke said Thursday.

"Like so many, I was looking forward to helping the WURD family celebrate this important milestone. Instead, I join Dr. Lomax's wife, children, and all who knew and were inspired by him in mourning."
Mayor Nutter said he knew and respected Dr. Lomax for more than 30 years.
"He was an historical figure in Philadelphia and a skilled, compassionate doctor who improved the lives and health of many people," the mayor said in a statement.

"In addition to his work in the health-care field, Dr. Lomax was a great businessman, philanthropist, and supporter of many worthy causes: minority business development, educational attainment, and artistic and cultural institutions," the mayor said.

In a statement released Thursday evening, U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady (D., Pa.) said: "Dr. Lomax was a successful physician, businessman, philanthropist, and lover of art who never forgot the community from which he came. He will be remembered for his constant support of his community. And he leaves a lasting legacy of service and good works."

Dr. Lomax was best known as chairman of the Lomax Cos., the corporate parent for four business entities: the real estate investment firm Lomax Real Estate Partners; the technology firms Prime Image and MyArtistDNA; and Wurd Radio, which runs WURD. The firm is based in Chalfont.

According to a biography posted on, Dr. Lomax was the youngest of four children born in South Philadelphia. Schooled at La Salle University and Hahnemann Medical College, he opened his first office at a rowhouse in his neighborhood in 1958; the practice grew over 30 years to include 22 physicians in six offices providing a range of medical care, the website said.

In 1983, Dr. Lomax was asked to help recruit doctors to work in Philadelphia's prison system, which led to the creation of the private health-care provider Correctional Healthcare Solutions, according to "The company rode the wave of privatization of medical care in prisons, and by the end of the 1990s, it provided health care to inmates in more than 70 correctional facilities in 10 states," the website said.

Dr. Lomax sold Correctional Healthcare Solutions in 2000. He ran AmeriChoice, which operated health maintenance organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, until selling it to United Health Group Co. in 2002, the website said.Dr. Lomax was also interested in other types of enterprises. He was a partner in PHL Local Gaming, a partnership trying to secure a license to operate a casino in South Philadelphia. His partner on that project, Casino Revolution, was Joseph Procacci, owner of Procacci Bros., a major fruit and vegetable wholesale business. Dr. Lomax would have controlled 12.3 percent of the project. Dr. Lomax opted to invest in the casino proposal "to assure our community had some ownership," she wrote.

"Over the past year, I have had the great opportunity to work very closely with Dr. Lomax," Procacci said. "He was a very special person who was blessed to have a wonderfully supportive family. He was a business leader, a pioneer in the medical profession, a philanthropist, and an acknowledged Philadelphia institution."
Nutter said he traveled with Dr. Lomax to West Africa on business in 1985.
"He was a great friend and an inspiration in my work," the mayor said. "His wife, Beverly, and their children represent the finest in community engagement and service to others. Dr. Lomax set a very high example for us all to follow, and I will miss him deeply."

Marilyn Kai Jewett, a principal in Progressive Images Marketing/Communications, called Dr. Lomax "a great man - humble, giving and, most of all, conscious" of his identity as an African American.
"When I was a reporter for the Philadelphia New Observer, I covered a meeting where he gave $10,000 to support the case for African American reparations," she said in an e-mail. "This was just one of the issues he supported.

"When Cody Anderson had problems keeping WURD afloat, Dr. Lomax stepped in and bought the station so we would continue to have an independent black talk voice on the air."

Acel Moore, Inquirer associate editor emeritus and a friend who knew Dr. Lomax from the old neighborhood, Point Breeze, said he came from humble roots and never forgot them. "He shined shoes on Point Breeze Avenue when I was a little boy," Moore recalled. Later, the two met for dinner and talked about "routine things." "I've met a lot of people, but I can't think of another person I respected more," Moore said.

His daughter said Dr. Lomax was "an amazing father and an amazing human being."
Survivors include his wife; daughters Sara, Claire, and Laura; and sons Bennett, W. Thomas, and Charles.
Funeral arrangements were pending.

Inquirer staff writers Jennifer Lin and Vernon Clark contributed to this article.

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Day in Solidarity With African People - Oakland Event

The Day in Solidarity with African People salutes the African-led movement for self-determination to end the police violence, mass imprisonment, poverty and unemployment faced by African people everywhere in a system built on slavery and genocide.
Uniting African people on four continents, the Uhuru Movement builds self-reliance programs including infant and maternal wellness clinics, a fitness gym, community organizations and African media.

Speakers include Cephus Johnson, the uncle Oscar Grant; Umi Hagatani of the Japan Resource Center. Featuring Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, the Ghetto Prophet from the Onyx Organizing Committee, Umi Hagitani of the Japan Pacific Resource Network and spoken word artists. Sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

Come help us build the Oakland event!
Email to find out more.

When: Oct 13, 2013 1:00am - 5:00am
Where: 1300 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA
More Information:

The World African Martial Arts Conference

Come join the Tamerrian Institute and Ahati Kilindi Iyi at this years World African Martial Arts Conference. We will be adding new workshops and teachers so keep going to the web site. Only two weeks and left until the conference better get your tickets now. Details at

October 11, 2013 at 6:00pm until October 13, 2013 at 12:00pm in EDT
Aisha Shule W.E.B. Dubois 20119 Wisconsin Detroit Mi 48221

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Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun, directed by Ron Bobb-Semple

This groundbreaking play opened on Broadway in 1959. Set on Chicago’s South Side, the plot revolves around the divergent dreams and conflicts within three generations of the Younger family. Sacrifice, trust and love among the Younger family and their heroic struggle to retain dignity in a harsh and changing world is a searing and timeless document of hope and inspiration. ?It was the first play written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway.

When: Oct 3, 2013 - Oct 20, 2013
Where: Stageworks Theatre at Grand Central at Kennedy
Contact: Call 813-727-2708 to book your seats