Tuesday, November 14, 2006

African People's Solidarity Day

"Uhuru" was the rallying call heard this weekend as Sxmt and I experienced the warmth and unity of African People's Solidarity Day. The event was held at the International House in Philadelphia (the last leg of a four city tour) and pulled in an eager crowd.

What impressed me the most was the clarity with which the speakers spoke about Afrakan unity. Diasporic in scope, unified in ideology. Jafrikayiti of Haiti, Luwezi of Congo, Sbusiso of Azania, and Omavi Bailey of the U.S. were all eloquent and passionate on what we at PKDG term Afrakaltural Unicity. Perhaps the most powerful speaker was the Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party, Omali Yeshitela. No punches pulled, no bitting of the tongue, no political correctness...just the unadulterated truth. Convictions honed through decades of committed work, discipline and sacrifice on the behalf of Afrakan people... he gave us every reason as to why he is a great leader on the Afrakan liberation front.

I would be remiss if I left out a very impressive figure, in the person of Aisha Fields. Brilliant and accessible, committed and engaging are just a few of the adjectives that descibe this remarkable woman. Dr. Fields is tackling the alternative energy front and setting up an electrical infrastructure and water purification program based on models of environmental sustainability on the continent. We look forward to working with Dr. Fields on future projects.

At the conclusion of this event we were honored to have been invited to share dinner with these remarkable individuals. This was homestyle, Afrakan style. They were everything good there is to be Afrakan and they made us proud. Asante sana and Uhuru.

P.S. Thanks goes to Ruby from the Uhuru furniture store, Penny Hess, and the rest of the organizers of African People's Solidarity Day for their heartfelt support of the movement.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Announcing November's Lounge Session:
Umoja Karimu

Umoja Karamu, meaning "unity feast" in Swahili, is an American Afrakan celebration which was iniated in 1971 by Brother Edward Simms, Jr. of Philadelphia, Pa. As practiced in The Temple of the Black Messiah Umoja Karamu is held on the fourth Sunday in November. Its purpose is to instill solidarity, Afrakan values, and appreciation of Afrakn heritage into Afrakan families. Prayers, libations to honor ancestors, historical readings, and feasts mark the observances.

The celebration is based on five periods of American Afrakn existence, each being represented by a color.
 The color BLACK represents Afrakn people and their families being whole and culturally intact.
 The color WHITE symbolizes the war waged against Afrakn people and their families.
 The color RED marks the bravery and sacrifices made for the liberation and redemption by Afrakan          people and their families
 The color GREEN signifies the renewal and retrieval of traditional Afrakan culture by Afrakan people and  their families.
 The color GOLD  celebrates the bright future and continued successes Afrakan people and their families      will have through cultural unity.

We're gonna vibe to diasporac sounds while dining on Afrakaltural cuisine. Cultural discourse will be a must. You asked for a place to come... now you got one. To all you conscious heads who want to build... check us out.
Contact us for more info: info@pyakule.com 267.808.1701 ask for Atef Ture'
*Remember, this is an invitation-only event. Please contact us directly to sign up, space is limited.
Atef & Sxmt

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Upcomming Sessions

The Lounge On Site is under renovation. But based on previous events held there we look forward to many more hot Sessions. We'll be doing it monthly...but if it hits like last time we'll go bi-weekly. Check back here for times and dates. Feedback is essential to improvement so let us know what you feel and we'll feel you back. We look forward to seeing all the regulars and a whole lot of new faces.

Atef & Sxmt