Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 2008

Busy month, busy time. We had the pleasure of going to Amber and Idris' house warming in Germantown. Rasa Salon is now open for business in its new, beautiful establishment. Good luck to you both.

PKDG met with Judge Dougherty with the Point Breeze Civic Association in an attempt to have more children exposed to the Afrakaltural Outreach program.

The first Kwanzaa celebration of the season was held at Pearl of Africa on 12/13. Brother Ahmed and NAPU continue the annual cultural celebration in their unique style. There is always a communal, grassroots feel that lets you know they are on the pulse of the people.

Egbe Sankofa Kingdom of the Gods of Afraka hosted the amicable Dr. Greg Kamithi Carr. His topic of discussion was Maroonage and its relationship to Afrakans in America today. Egbe Sankofa continues to be on the cutting edge of spiritual and cultural advancement of Afrakan people, and for that we are perpetually grateful.