Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Memorial for Robert Matunda

Pya Kule Design Group joins many in the mourning of Robert Matunda, who was tragically taken from us on Monday March 26, 2007 [read article]. Brother Rob and I had a chance to reconnect (thanks to Netfah Amina-Afia) when he and his wife Maren, founders of Letau Designs, decided to become involved with PKDG's upcomming art and fashion exhibition, Apotheosis 6250 a.u.

His warm easy going ways, cool mannerisms, and incredible talent for designing one of a kind jewelry made it easy to love Rob. We remember our first model call at Rob and Maren's loft where they showed us the ropes. Rob, ever on point with assurances, continually served us herbal tea with real mint leaves...style =) Rob multitasked the model call while working out details with Maren, and cuddling and playing with their newborn baby.

Rob and Maren put us down with so many of the people who have become integral parts of the show. It gives us great pleasure to know that Maren and Rob (spiritually) will both be in attendance and featured at Apotheosis. We love you both.

Memorial Celebration for Robert Matunda
Sunday 4/22/07
621 Reed Street Philadelphia
pot luck dinner...bring food and drink
All are welcome
Spread the word, spread the love