Friday, November 11, 2011

Simply Netfah Sacred Adornment Workshops

Business Opportunity with Simply Netfah

For more information, to set up a free consultation, book a home show or workshop presentation, or simply visit our boutique, please contact Simply Netfah at:
studio: 267.918.6079 - email:

Tyeakia Designs Hits Philly

Tyeakia Designs 2012 Fashion Runway Art Exhibition
 Friday Nov 11 2011 8-12pm@ (PhilaMoca)Philadelphia Mausoleum of Comtemparary Art
531 North 12th st (12th & Spring Garden) Philadelphia Pa 19125 (

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fantastic Blackness Art Exhibition

If you plan to be in So. Cal next February check out this unique art exhibition, entitled "Fantastic Blackness," curated by Dr. Adilifu Nama. Dr. Nama is the author of Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes, definately worth adding to the collection. "Cover art imagery was executed by John Jennings, mixing classic Kirbyesque superhero archetypes with powerful negritude and pride."

A big nod to Reginald Hudlin over at HEF and Komplicated for sharing this.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

"Occupy Philadelphia" Meets "Stop the Wars Rally"

On November 5, black social justice activists will be joined by peace groups, environmentalists, artists and students in a national “Occupy Philadelphia” march entitled “Stop the Wars and Build the Resistance.”

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