Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Youth Program continued

Our Afrakaltural Outreach Summer Program continues. This session was catered to young men from the South Philly area ages 7-12. They were actively involved in our modular training program which puts them through their paces. They focused on research and topography, both of which include heavy doses of reading and mathematics. Another winner for them was in iconography.

They had to model behavior of a hero of their choosing distinguish true heroics from selfish interests or things that conflict with the betterment of the community.

Apotheosis Postponement

The unfortunate postponement of Apotheosis Art and Fashion Exhibition - Futura MwAfraka was a disappointment. However the change comes as a result of our having decided to produce the show next year in order to maintain the standard our audience has come to expect. You can expect to see Second World Productions, Simply Netfah and Idris Designs as well as the art of David Lawrence and Baja Ukweli in 2009.