Saturday, July 16, 2011

Presenting Aesthetics 6250 A.U. Summer 2011 Special Edition

With the recent passing of three very talented and influential men in the fields of music, art and healing, Aesthetics 6250 A.U. is honored to dedicate an issue to them. This issue acknowledes the life achievements of the urban troubadour and modern day griot, Gil Scott Heron and the ecclectic Afrakan style of artist Twins Seven Seven. We also celebrate the life of Dr. Frank E. Wyatt whose untimely passing leaves a vacuum in the world of Afrakan holistic health.

We met Gil Scott Heron after a concert, Twins Seven Seven at a dinner affair and Dr. Wyatt was a regular source of health advice for years. In this issue we get to share our personal anecdotes. Join us in celebration and appreciation.

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