Monday, May 14, 2007

Apotheosis 6250 a.u. Art and Fashion Exhibition

As stated in the previous entry, April was a month of achievements...none more satisfying than the launch of Apotheosis 6250 a.u., our annual art and fashion exhibition. The designers, Simply Netfah, Second World Productions and Letau Designs, took their creativity to the brink by bringing to life this year's theme: AfRAkan GothiK.

Our Creative Director, Jabulani, with his choreography and musical selections provided the unique tonality and flavor of the show.

Amber...Amber...Amber...what can we say? You knew someone, somewhere, somehow for something we needed. Your artistic talents, along with your team of stylists, gave face to the the show. Your selfless support and sharing of contacts will be forever appreciated.

We couldn't have asked for a better group of models to give style and personality to our vision. Not only did they do their jobs well, but they went and did the jobs they weren't supposed to do. These models were dedicated to the vision of the show and to the audience they were determined to entertain. Special, special thanks and much love to you all.

Our venue of choice is the perfect home for any artistic event. Gallerie Isada not only has the space but the style and decor are simply exquisite.

The art of Jean Wilson, Leroy Johnson, Cheryl Durgans and Willis Nomo illustrated Afrakan culture inter-spliced with urban reality. Special thanks to Cheryl for her expertise as curator, and to Jean for assisting.

We thank our guests for their patronage and support of these talented artists and designers who devote themselves to the expression of our cultural zeitgeist.

Every event has to be coordinated, and none coordinate better than Bo Inc. Bo's attention to detail, managerial skills, and commitment to perfection leave absolutely nothing to be desired. With her faithful partner Baka Beka Bey (the one who never tires), Bo's hospitality, decor and staging gave the professional presentation needed for a show of this magnitude.

When you see the word Apotheosis and the image that accompanies it, you are looking at the graphic genius of Baja Ukweli. He designed our flier, logo and soon to be released poster. Again, much appreciation for exceeding expectation.

We must thank Bumi for providing rehearsal space at Marian Anderson Recreation Center. Thanks again for your love and support Bumi. Hare of Govinda's Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant too deserves a hearty thank you for providing the meals for our models. Asante sana.

DJ's come and DJ's go but Joey comes through with hurt back and all. Every thing we needed in terms of audio visual Joey was willing and able to provide. Thanks Joey.
Thank you to our mistress of ceremony, our very own goth queen, Khenti.

Much love to Maren of Letau Designs for being a part of Apotheosis. Your strength is an inspiration. Thank you too Rob, we know you were there as well.

Saving the best for last, all love and praises duo to queen mother Victoria for her constant support, belief and investments in Apotheosis. Without you there is no me or us.

All those omitted in error, please forgive us. We thank all of you who went far beyond your role and made Apotheosis a success. We could not have done it without your collective effort.

Now...The Arts and Aesthetics Collective prepares for the Apotheosis 2008 show...bigger, better and even more avant-garde.

Uhuru hetep enen a Neter
Afet Ture' & Sekayi Khita-Hetep

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Afrakaltural Heavyweights

Habari Gani, April was a prodigious month full of challenges and achievements for PKDG. We had the opportunity to go to a community forum entitled Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia, which was held at First District Plaza on April 6.

Dr. Richard Cooper
, host of The Karamu on WURD, moderated the forum which consisted of Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Dr. Haki Madhubuti, Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III, and Dr. Carl Bell. We consider this to be a panel of Afrakaltural heavyweights.

In regards to the topic of stopping violence in the community Dr. Madhubuti had this to offer: "If your community is toxic, you've got to change or get out of that community. To decrease gang violence and so on you've got to change your community. In Chicago, come join with me. In Philadelphia, join with Dr. Asante...join positive institutions."

Dr. Asante made a good point about self esteem that should be heeded as well. "There is cultural esteem and there is self-esteem. Cultural esteem is the glue that holds it all together...high self esteem is not enough." To that Dr. Madhubuti added that we need institutions that promote a collective mentality, such as his Institute for Positive Education in Chicago. "Violence in the community is a symptom of self-hate and a lack of Afrakanity," added Dr. Asante.

"Self esteem is based on a sense of power. We're confused about if we control our destiny or do white people. Not knowing results in a lack of a sense of power. Being connected to somebody powerful is one way of decreasing or eliminating this powerlessness," said Dr. Bell very earnestly.

The clear cut edict of the night was the development of institutions. Not just any, but institutions that are based on Afrakan culture, which serves as the glue to hold families and communities together. Institutions are key, as they offer infrastructure, hierarchy, and dictate which issues and agendas are relevant to the livelihood of the community. "We have to have strong institutions," said Dr. Madhubuti. "We have to be a model of that which is clear, correct and just...a model of growth."

Dr. Haki Madhubuti has long been an inspiration to me and should be heralded as one of our preeminent leaders for his ability to go from concept to reality, from plan to planet. For his ability to define the clash of races, making us aware of the earthquakes while preparing for the sunrise. In developing life sustaining institutions, he himself has become an institution and a shining example of what can be accomplished should we dedicate ourselves to the completion of our goals.

Dr. Asante has been exemplary, his "Afrocentricity" bringing to light the continuance of our heritage and legacy with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibility we have to future generations.

This panel is a prime example of the benefits of study, application and dedication to the Afrakaltural imperative.

Uhuru hetep enen a Neter,
Atef Ture' and Sekayi Khita-Hetep

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