Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Afrakaltural Outreach to the Youth of Point Breeze

Point Breeze Civic Association has asked PKDG's Afrakaltural Outreach department to develop curriculum for their Little Leaders summer program. We are implementing age-appropriate portions of our Developmental Education Program designed to teach conflict resolution and anger management. Group activities are designed to foster leadership skills while team building lessons teach our youth how to work together for the benefit of the whole group.

"The children of the Little Leaders summer youth program are diligent, bright and well behaved. They are receptive to and appreciative of our Afrakaltural approach, responding with eager curiosity toward cultural lessons which increase their self-esteem. They make it a pleasure to interact with them each week," says instructor Sxmt Sekayi. Atef Ture adds, "We hope to work with them further, in various capacities and environments with increasing challenges and team building missions."

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